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Don Limón launches new strawberry brand for North America

With their Mexican partner from Michoacán, Don Limón has launched a new product line: strawberries.

This season a new brand is being introduced: VITA MÁS; breaking into the North American market with fresh strawberries. "Our supplying capacity is steady and reliable.

The produce is checked, certified and packed at origin to secure international quality standards. Another inspection is done by Don Limón after arrival in the United States and before loading, to make sure only the freshest fruits are distributed."

The strawberry season started in November and lasts until February. "However we will be able to supply fresh strawberries until March." The company can offer one Pound and two Pound clamshell boxes – with or without stem’s. The main varieties will be Festival, Albion and Camino Real.

"Our partner is one of the most important producers of frozen and non-frozen strawberries in Mexico. They have many years of experience on international markets with strawberries, exporting fruit to places like the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America," said Andreas Schindler of Don Limón The areas of production are Zamora, Maravatío and Huriamba in the state of Michoacán.

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