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Reasons to be FGH Council Member

Everyone talks about IT, energy and health care as the growing industries of the future, but agriculture should be on that list, too! This is an exciting time to be in FGH International Agribusiness Consulting network, worldwide leader in agricultural consulting. Here are the reasons why you must think big and look for opportunities awaiting you in this often overlooked industry.

Agriculture is in the center of one of the greatest challenges of our time – achieving food security.

  • In the next 35 years, our population is expected to grow by about 2 billion people, while incomes rise quickly, creating a larger middle class with greater buying power.

  • There will be an estimated 60% increase in demand for meat, milk, fish and eggs during that same time period.

  • We’re living beyond our ecological means. Each year, we overuse our natural resources by more than 50%, taking the Earth 1.6 years to regenerate our annual consumption.

  • Animal health is dynamic and continually evolving. There are emerging animal disease threats on every continent, and climate extremes further stress animal health.

These factors combined put agriculture in the center of one of the greatest challenges of our time – achieving global food security. We must ensure every person on our rapidly growing planet has access to not just enough calories, but enough quality calories to sustain growth, development, health and stability, all while protecting our natural resources. This requires far more than farmers. Today’s agriculture includes environmentalists, engineers, energy experts, human nutritionists, precision agriculture specialists and more than 300 different field of work.

Tackling these challenges will require the next generation of leaders to bring fresh thinking and innovative solutions. But demand for talented ag graduates is outpacing supply at an increasing rate. In 2018, experts estimate we’ll have 25,000 more job openings than graduates to fill them. Purdue University researchers have been keeping tabs on this space since 2000, and the gap continues to grow.

Right now, Purdue estimates there are 60,000 available jobs in agriculture, but only 35,000 graduates to fill those roles, only for the American agribusiness. Their 2010 report showed 54,000 new jobs annually in agriculture, but only 29,300 graduates. Plus, let’s not forget the reality that 25 percent of the current workforce is nearing retirement age. We can make animals more efficient and more sustainable to achieve the food and protein needs of 9 billion people, but we can’t make it happen without more talented people at every level.

With that huge and growing need, comes huge opportunities!

No matter your background, country, race, age, we need experienced talent FGH International Agribusiness Consulting has a place for you. For more information log at

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