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With globalization, technological advances and trade liberization, food commodities, fresh fruits, vegetables and processed products are produced and move freely between countries more than even before.

Consumers are now faced with a wide range of food choices. Although price is still single, most important factor in shaping consumer choice,  an ever-increasing interest in the origin of their food, production methods, food safety, nutrition and food quality is of high relevance.

The global agri-food market is facing one of its greatest challenges as it moves towards a consumer-driven marketplace. Farmers and growers need to adapt to these challenges in order to meet consumer demands.


How can we help you and your company adapt to these challenges?


  • Recommending best-use scenarios. 

  • Strategic business planning, project feasibility and implementation.

  • Enhancing cost-effective management and production programmes with GAP (Good Agricultural Practice),

  • Increasing customer´s ROI (Return On Investment) through optimization programmes on ongoing projects, improving profitability and productivity, safely and envioronmentally-friendly.

  • Explore options to create business though new  technologies and the use of value  chains.

  • Provide regulatory advice on importing country regulations and facilitate links for export consumer markets.

  • Gain access to international market knowledge, best practices and industry trends


our experience

At FGH International Consulting, every client, every project makes a History of Success!

Houston based Corn Husk wrapping for tamale packing corp. contacted FGH Consulting to implement the Sierra Madre Project, one of the most exciting project ever executed by our firm, FGH made contact with more than 2k families in the Totonaca Region in Veracruz, Mexico. The project worked with the families to procure corn husks for tamales, it involved quality training, technical support, export grade health and sanitation and logistics. At the end, the project empowered all the families involved and the project became a sound success.

A produce company from California got in touch with FGH to take care of the whole logistics for his new East Branch Project based at Mission, Texas., which included more than 600 acres of tomatoes, bell peppers, melons and onions; packing,shiping and export from Mexico's Gulf Coast to the American border.

A U.S. Goverment Agency got in touch with FGH to take care of the logistics to import from Mexico a specific breed of  cattle to run some scientific traits in Texas.


The Red Snapper Project in the Gulf of Mexico, from the beginning was a shining star, the recovery of the official banking agency debt was 50% faster as the local fishermen's double the export rate to the US market.


The largest  American privately held, multinational corporation use the services of FGH to implement a supply channel logistic to import from Mexico to its American feedlot facilities live cattle for fattening.

FGH Consulting team joined the efforts of a Mexican beef processor to fulfill beef exports to Russia.


Uruguayan based logistic firm contacted FGH to  study the feasibility of live cattle export to the Middle East from Latin America. FGH took part of the success of the shipment of more than 100 k head of live cattle to Turkey.​

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our clients


FGH's client base is made up of both private sector and public sector, from a diverse range of businesses. Private sector clients range from small to medium sized manufacturers and exporters to Fortune 100 companies and trade associations. Our public sector clients include the Banks, Trade and Development Agencies, and state and local agencies


From numerous works for the Agribusiness , FGH has developed a strong and extensive experience in the following areas.

  • Agricultural chemical companies.

  • Carbon Credit advisory

  • Biotechnology and seeds firms.

  • Insurance companies.

  • Automotive companies involved with biofuels.

  • Governments Agencies, Trade Associations, and NGO´s involved with the agricultural sector.

  • Oilseed and grain producers, crushers, processors, refiners and traders.

  • Horticulture producers, importer-exports companies.

  • Floral Industry.

  • Beef cattle producers, brokers, packing, feedlots, import-exporters worldwide.

  • Dairy industry producers, processors and value added chain.

  • Pension funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Endowments, Foundations and Asset Managers investing in the global food and agriculture cropland, commodity and infrastructure sectors.

  • Banks, Private Equity and Hedge firms.

  • Biofuels production and marketing companies.

  • Law firms.

  • Tropical forestry.

  • Transportation and logistics companies.

  • Trade, farmer and international lending associations.

  • Rural multimedia and broadcasters.

  • Private agricultural producers.

our clients

our value

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