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Our Mission

our vision & mission


We aim to become the leading agribusiness consulting firm in

Latin America and the Caribbean


Provide our corporate and public sector clients in the agro and biotech sectors with an integrated approach to problem-solving and a roadmap to their future.  

Combine research with analysis; policy and strategic planning with marketing and decision-making; and finance and investment with raising capital.

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our values

Our Values


We strive to provide a sustainable business model that impacts positively in the economic, social and environmental sphere


We demonstrate our commitment to ethics and respect the culture in the communities we are involved


We take responsibility for our actions


We enhance excellence by providing the results with our business partners


We collaborate with our business partners, stakeholders and community to reach our shared goals

Our people

our people

Dr. Christensen

President &

Chief Consultant

Dr. Hinojosa

Sr Vice President

Operations and Technology

Dr. Ortega

Sr. Executive Vice President, Commercial &

Corporate Affairs

Jessica Davila

Vice President

Human Resources and


Dr. Larios

United States Sr. Director

Nick Villarreal

Canada Sr. Director

Dr. Canudas

Sr. Director for 

Latin America &

the Caribbean

Javier Carrera

M&A  Sr. Director

Latin America &

the Caribbean

Ruben Villegas

Business Development

Sr. Director

Eliud Zamarron

Associate Director

Jordi Yuriar

Commercial Director

Luz Carrera

Operations & Logistics

Sr. Manager

Carlos Tamez

Planning Director

Jose Bremer

Rural Development &

Community Management Manager

our clients

our value

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