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Mexican lime growers facing an extreme drought and America has a massive shortage

It has been extremely dry in the Mexican state of Veracruz in recent months. Most of the country's limes are cultivated here. These limes are destined for the United States and Europe.

"As a result of the drought, the trees have become severely dried out and damaged. They are not producing any fruit. This has caused a huge shortage of limes. Prices in the US spiked to $40-$55 per 18kg box. This occurred within a matter of days," says Joey Deen of the Dutch wholesaler, Denimpex.

"In contrast, Brazil is sending far more fruit - up to 100% more - than in other years. I do not expect a lime shortage all at once on the European market. There will, however, certainly be less supply from Mexico."

"Most of our clients prefer Mexican limes. When you compare these to Brazilian limes, they are of a much deeper color. On the other hand, Brazilian limes are juicier," concludes Joey.

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