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The Rise of Agri-Nearshoring: Mexico & the US Food Market

The US food market is experiencing a shift towards agri-nearshoring with Mexico playing a key role. FGH International Agribusiness Consulting is at the forefront, fostering real opportunities for stakeholders in both countries.

Why Mexico?

Proximity: Reduced transportation costs and fresher produce for US consumers.

USMCA: Streamlined trade between the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Expertise: Mexico boasts a strong agricultural sector with a skilled workforce.

FGH International's Impact:

Tailored Specialty Produce Chains: We help companies develop efficient supply chains for high-demand specialty crops.

Win-Win Solutions: FGH bridges the gap, ensuring US companies access high-quality produce while fostering growth in Mexican agriculture.

Are you a US food company seeking reliable sourcing options?

Are you a Mexican producer looking to expand your reach?

Connect with FGH International today! We can help you navigate the exciting world of agri-nearshoring and unlock new possibilities in the US-Mexico food market. Let's discuss the future of your agri-nearshoring project and its impact on the North American food landscape!


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