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GMO cotton made India World leader, after Mexico's refusal.

Mexico's official negative to use Monsanto's GMO Cotton, in mid 90´s, after been scientifically tested, showing a reduction in the use of pesticides in 90 % and a production increase of 15%, the table was set to move to another country and the Indian necessity of new efficient and eco-friendly technology to help farmers empower their local economies adopted this GMO.

The technology has been adopted by over 90% of Indian cotton farmers. Multiple studies point to significant reduction in pesticide spraying and subsequent cost savings for cotton farmers. (Similar findings attest to the same in China, where Bt cotton accounts for 80% of its crop.) India’s agricultural minister said in 2013 that the country “has harvested an average of 6.7 million tons of cotton per year, which is well above the highest production of 3 million tons before the introduction of Bt cotton.” India is the world’s largest cotton producer, ahead of China.

Mexico's Agriculture officials are still evaluating the envioronmetnal-cost-benefits of this technology

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