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FGH's consultants scout Israel for Agribusiness opportunities

Over the past few days, a team of FGH's consultants have explored Israel agribusiness landscape to scout for opportunities for our clients in the Americas to expand in the Middle East; and to create new business relations to import Israeli goods and products to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Water Efficient Greenhouse

With the support of the Israeli authorities, our consultants were able to visit multiple locations across the country.

Israel is know as a pioneer in sustainability and green technologies, that help them improve crop yields in every bioregion. Pictured left, is a greenhouse in the Negev desert (south of the country), where with little water and advance technology, farmers are able to cut grow rates by 50% and increase yields by about 150%, reduce water, waste and maximize land use.

With the water efficiency and management, has helped broaden the scope of our consultants knowledge to tackle desertification in Latin America, and new ways to boost our response to clients needs.

In the Melon Golan Heights region (north), our consultants got to experience life in a kibutz. The kibutz specialty was small scale winery, Israel's finest. Small scale winery is something that is being recently introduced in Latin America wine regions, and is showing a lot of promise for growth in northern Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Wine branding

Israel sustainability is paramount in all agribusiness value chain and resource management efficiency, due to the scarcity of their resources. Latin America and FGH can greatly benefit for a lasting relationship with our partners in Israel.

FGH Agribusiness unique combination of experience and ground-based information allows companies to perform analyses in real time basis, that would previously have required entire corporate research departments to conduct.

To find out more about our solutions or to share learnings to support suppliers on their journey to excellence, please feel free to contact us, FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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