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Rural Africa, FGH Agribusiness Consulting new frontier.

Uganda and especially Kaganda, are the new stop for FGH Agribusiness Consulting. The 8 weeks project will help boost the sustainability and empower the rural farmers around this region, working together with local NGO´s and the FGH expertise, will help local farmers to make daily decisions with an strategic planning, that will bring new solution alternatives to relieve poverty and make their income sustainable in long term.

FGH prior experience in the Latin America Region in such type of projects was the main reason to be chosen as a new alternative in this poverty relief project. "It´s a small world, and at the end the agribusiness basis are the same in any region, we hope to contribute significantly to this farmers, make the difference and promote the region as well" said Dr. E. Ortega, Senior Partner and International New Project Area V.P.

(Pictures credit: Mr. J. Carrera.)

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