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Mexico´s NW high temperatures at harvest bring sweet grapes

After sweating out not normal cooler temperatures and rainy weather in early May, the entire North American grape season is about two weeks behind. However, grape harvest is now in full swing for MAS Melons & Grapes. "We harvest in the triple-digit-sweet-spot of Sonora, Mexico as heat means sweet," says Miky Suarez of "MAS Melons & Grapes" from Nogales, AZ..

Valle de Guadalupe, MX  vineyard at early may rainy day.

"We are forecasting 750,000 cartons of the sweetest, cleanest grapes you'll find this year," Suarez added. "They are produced and shipped under stricter standards than the U.S., and an army of skillful hands have crafted every bunch like a work of art, with attention to detail on a scale that boggles the mind."

Flames are at 19°Bx right now and will keep climbing. Perlettes are at 18°Bx and climbing, and Sugraones began this week at 17°Bx and climbing. Black varieties are at 18°Bx and will also continue climbing. "Our customers can expect MAS availability, quality, and sweetness to continue till the end of June," concluded Suarez. For more information ask FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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