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Crediavance Financiera will be the first Mexican bank to operate Sourcetrace platform in Mexico.

Crediavance a bank located in Sinaloa and operates at the Mexican pacific region, will be the first institution to launch the Source Trace “ESE-Agri” platform, in Mexico, this will happen at the first week of July, according to Tadeo Cwierz, Vice President for Latin America & Technology Strategy, based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

According to the Sourcetrace “time line” established with Crediavance CEO, Mr. Juan de Dios Peña Tamayo in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, the platform will be fully operational in Spanish by the first week in July and will immediately be capable to start operation with Crediavance requirements. Crediavance credit risk will be reduced as the platform will operate in real time and will allow the agricultural credit analyzers to verify the exact area involved in the credit operation in aims to reduce credit risk.

Sourctrace ESE-Agri Platform is already available in 17 countries and has impacted positively more than +300k farmers in 3 continents.

SourceTrace Systems specializes in agriculture software mobile applications for developing economies with a primary focus on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of smallholder farmers. SourceTrace farmer centric mobile applications help manage the agriculture value chain all the way to the last mile to enable smallholder farmers participate in global markets. SourceTrace mobile applications are scalable from small co-operatives, farmer producer companies to large agribusiness corporations and government agencies working in the sustainable development sector.

SourceTrace mobile applications provide complete visibility from field to market and tracks the value chain at the source – even in remote, low bandwidth environments. eService Everywhere (ESE™) helps to capture all interactions at the touchpoints of the smallholder farmers at the field level for enhanced traceability and improved accountability of the value chain.

SourceTrace Systems ESE™ platform sets the industry standard for mobile applications in remote and low-bandwidth environments by successfully deploying in three continents. Real time information allows management to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs and contributes to “smart” agriculture and incentivizes smallholder farmer organizations to embrace technology and increase their production.

For more information contact Source Trace representative .

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