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FGH Agribusiness Consulting leads SourceTrace & Oleana teams, to help integrate farm-management

Quito and Santo Domingo in Ecuador, were FGH International Agribusiness temporary offices to implement at Oleana`s Corp., Ecuador`s biggest palm oil producer, SourceTrace`s, ESE ™ M&E the leading remote-real time -platform that improves farmer profitability and agricultural sustainability.

In line with Oleana’s strategy to accelerate its investments in digital farming, FGH Agro completed the M&E platform setup, which offers its technical team and advisors real time information, SourceTrace Systems eServices Everywhere™ (ESE™) technology sets the industry standard for remote data transaction systems with robust applications that have been deployed in low-bandwidth environments in three continents. The web application can be accessed on browser through internet. The mobile application is installed on the Android mobile device. The mobile application communicates to the server through data connectivity. Deployment of Source Trace solutions enabled identity of every farmer and access to information in real time by the management. The process ensured proactive planning and necessary interventions to enhance productivity, ensure traceability, manage risk and also provide a mechanism to monitor performance of farmers over diverse areas.

Farmer’s profiles were created, mapped, stored and retrieved at all times even at low bandwidth or offline mode. The field staff selects the farmer on his mobile device and carries out the field transactions like input distribution, fertilization procurement, pollination, farm inspection, etc. Information is communicated in real time to the server and management is aware of the operations and is on top of information about the project. Proper training and training material was given by FGH AgrI team, to the end users. Support was provided by SourceTrace at India IT office in the initials stages at the field level to get the users familiar with the application. Once they got familiar users (technical team) were more productive than before.

“M&E will help us implement our farmer-centric strategy and is an important building block in expanding our position in Digital Farming and be Ecuador's Oil Palm producer leader” said Alejandro Figari, Oleana`s Executive Chief Manager, with operations also in Colombia, this platform also gives path for "The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil" (RSPO) certifications towards Global Market requirements and "Producing a lo Grande" project that provides a model according to the Ecuadorian reality, replicating actions that gave results with its suppliers to apply them to all Unit Producer Service (USP) team.

FGH team at Oleana`s Santo Domingo, oil factory

“Our team is excited about Oleana`s digital solutions and the company’s genuine commitment to helping farmers improve their financial and environmental performance. Joining our advanced technology and data-driven capabilities with a leading company like FGH Agribusiness provides a tremendous opportunity to scale globally, innovate across a wider product portfolio in Latin America, and maintain focus on the success and sustainability of all farmers and those who serve them,” said Venkat Maroju, SourceTrace CEO.

FGH Agribusiness Consulting team deployed at Ecuador was led by Javier Carrera, our FGH Latin America Consulting and Merger & Aquisitions Manager. For more information on how can you expand your Agribusiness from or to Latin America, ask FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm.


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