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Colombia & Peru : rising stars in the avocado market

We have joined forces with avocado producing company Fruty Green in Colombia. Having a Peruvian avocado supply and a Colombian supply, is as close as we can get to have a year-round supply. This commercial agreement allows us to serve our clients for 10 months, from September till June. We can better attend to our clients’ needs with a longer presence in the market”, explains Daniel Bustamante Canny from Agrícola Cerro Prieto (ACP) from Peru.

Avocados are the most important product in terms of volume for ACP, but they also produce table grapes, organic blueberries and asparagus. “We export our products worldwide. We evaluate the markets that are open, to see which ones are most interesting to export to. It’s important to keep developing the international market. For example, Colombia is still negotiating the entrance for their avocados to some markets such as the United States that recently opened, as well as Canada and other markets in Asia and Latin America. It’s always good to have alternative markets.”

Daniel explains that ACP has 1,000 hectares producing Hass avocado. “In addition, we have 500 hectares which are in the starting phase of avocado production. As production keeps increasing, combined with the alliance with Fruty Green, it allows us to offer our clients better programmes.”

Daniel, who is also Chairman of the Peruvian Hass Avocado Growers’ Association (PROHASS), declares that Peru currently has around 28,000 hectares of Hass Avocados. During the 2017 season they faced a 28% growth in the avocados supplied to the world, and the Avocado Industry in Peru is still growing.

“The avocado market has a lot of growth potential, however, it doesn’t come for free. The future increase in the global Avocado supply, needs to go side by side with the World’s demand for this product. Therefore, it needs to continue with the promotional efforts currently being made in different markets in order to make that happen”, concludes Daniel. For more information on how can you expand your Agribusiness from or to Latin America, ask FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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