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Price strengthens on imported Mexican pineapples

Supplies of pineapples from Mexico are solid coming into the US. “Pineapples are coming in a little stronger right now so we should have plenty of supply,” says Darwin Dodd of Chula Brand. “I think we should have a little bit more pineapple this year.”

Chula sources pineapples out of Vera Cruz and Colima, Mexico and notes that the recent cold snap there did have a small effect on supply. “For a couple of weeks, we were a little short. But it seems to be coming back now,” says Dodd, noting he’s receiving sizes 5s, 6s, 7s and a few 8s. That said, demand is relatively flat right now. “Usually demand goes up a little bit around this time of year for Easter. It has in the past,” says Dodd. “But in the past two or three years, I really haven’t noticed that increment. It goes up a little bit but not like it used to. Hopefully this year will be different.” However, incoming weather issues could affect that demand. “The Northeast is having some cold weather right now and that doesn’t really help pineapple consumption,” says Dodd.

As far as pricing, it seems to be holding on average between $7-$8 FOB. “There are some people pulling a little lower but I think the average price is about $7,” says Dodd, noting that pricing is on par with where it was last year. “Costa Rica seems to have a little less volume this week and it’s helping stabilize our Mexican price a bit more. That will only happen until Costa Rica comes in heavier and that will bring the price back down.” For more information on how can you expand your Agribusiness from or to Latin America, ask FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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