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The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture and FGH International Agribusiness will

The rise of new service-oriented technologies drives new ways to perform interoperability between companies and organizations, even in areas not directly connected to the enterprise core business. The most specialized agency of the Inter-American System for agriculture, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) that supports the efforts of the Member States to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being and FGH International Agribusiness, the leading Consulting Agribusiness firm, focused in the American Continent, will begin to explore synergies and cooperation opportunities as soon as possible towards the development for new joint projects specifically in the Agribusiness area, among the American continent.

IICA encourage, promote and support Member States in their efforts to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation of excellence also creates a competitive, inclusive and sustainable inter-American agriculture that feeds the hemisphere and the world, while at the same time generating opportunities to reduce hunger and poverty among farmers and rural dwellers. IICA is characterized by being: Innovative, Purposeful, Respectful, Inclusive, Transparent, Committed to accountability and Environmentally responsible.

FGH provides specialist research and consulting services for clients who have intentions to start their presence in the Americas or expand across the world. Clients range from prominent multinationals, governments, private investors, bankers and NGO's. With over +25 year history of supporting strategic players and financial investors in the key agribusiness chain throughout the Americas.

A framework model and support sustainable interoperability of parallel and concurrent negotiations among Agribusiness projects, using a service-oriented platform will be developed. The underlying complexity is to model the dynamic environment where multi-attribute and multi-participant negotiations are a set of heterogeneous resources, like Ethnics, Core Activity, Countries, Languages, etc. With these in mind we clearly expect to have great news in short time. IICA`s team leader will be Mr. Julian LLaguno, IICA`s Project Director with more than 30 yrs. experience in Agribusiness worldwide, while FGH will be lead by our Latin America, Agri Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Director Javier Carrera, his field and financial expertise has driven besides Consulting expert, also an M&A Consultant for Gerson Lehrman Group ( ). The Project assistant will be Luz Carrera. For more information on how can you expand your Agribusiness from or to Latin America, ask FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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