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Van der Knaap Group of Companies working on extra production location in Mexico

Jan de Smet with Van der Knaap Group has moved to Mexico to set up new facilities for the coco supplier over there. The company has the intention to start production facilities in Mexico. The last hurdles are being addressed now. Jan de Smet: "We're going to take the step. Business is going well. So well that we need an extra production location."

The decision was made after an extensive process. According to Jan, the local market in Mexico is expanding. "Blueberries, for example, are cultivated more often on coco. There is a high demand for coco-based substrate."

For Van der Knaap, their current locations in Sri Lanka, India and the Dominican Republic are performing well. "In order to continue to meet the demand, there is need for an additional location. In Mexico, the production conditions are very good. The quality of the coco from Mexico is great!".

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