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FGH International Agribusiness help your livestock identification and traceability

Animal identification by means of marking animals’ bodies was first recorded 3,800 yr ago in the Code of Hammurabi, and throughout history, valuable animals such as horses have been identified to prevent thievery all over the world. Today, the reasons for identification of livestock include production management, control of disease outbreaks, establishment of ownership, requirements for export, and consumer demands. Additionally, there are many methods of animal identification and traceability available today including ear tags, tattooing, branding, electronic methods that implement radio frequency identification technologies (such as rumen boluses, ear tags, and injectable transponders), and biometric methods (such as retinal scanning, nose prints, and DNA).

Spayed heifers bound to Amarillo, TX, from Tamaulipas MX.

Traceability is the ability to follow an item or a group of items – be it animal, plant, food product or ingredient – from one point in the supply chain to another, either backwards or forwards. Livestock traceability systems are based upon three basic elements: animal identification; premises identification; and animal movement.

Traceability systems are important, effective tools that can be used for many things, including the protection of animal health, public health and food safety. They can help reduce response time, thereby limiting economic, environmental and social impacts of disease outbreaks, food safety issues and natural disasters.

Major industry players such as Walmart and McDonald’s have committed to developing holistic sustainability programs that include food traceability as a key component. The ‘farm-to-fork’ mentality is not a phenomenon; it is increasingly being defined as an objective, with actual components already implemented by stakeholders along the value chain.”

To support companies and producers with responsible practices, such as traceability. FGH International Agribusiness Consulting, works in partnership with first class real-time Agribusiness tracking solution, developed by and for sector stakeholders from different supply chains such as sugar cane, palm oil, flowers, coffee, cocoas beef, etc.. This tool enables producers and processors not only to keep track of performance, but also to set realistic goals and to elaborate improvement plans for each stage of the journey to more sustainable production: close to and beyond certification/verification levels. creating greater visibility of the progress made over time by (non-)certified/verified producers. It allows to roadmap at every stage.

To find out more about our solutions or to share learnings to support suppliers on their journey to excellence, please feel free to contact us, FGH´s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading Agribusiness Consulting firm

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