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Our People, Our strength

Carlos, an Agribusiness analyst based in our Colombia office, has found an international family at FGH International Agribusiness Consulting. “I don’t think people realize how truly global we are. About a year ago, I was staffed on an engagement with a partner from the Lima office, an associate partner from El Salvador, and an associate from Mexico. The project was only three weeks long, which usually means a super intense engagement, so we hit the ground running. These were people I had never met before, that came from different countries and had different experiences – but it didn’t matter at all. We still exceeded every one of our client’s expectations and had a blast doing it.”

To support companies and producers with responsible practices. FGH International Agribusiness Consulting, works in partnership with first class Agribusiness solution providers, developed by and for sector commodities stakeholders such as sugar cane, palm oil, flowers, coffee, cocoa, beef, etc. in any language, country, region, we provide solutions that enables producers and processors not only to keep track of performance, but also to set realistic goals and to elaborate improvement plans for each stage of the journey to more sustainable production, helping to go beyond certification/verification levels. creating greater visibility of the progress made over time by (non-)certified/verified producers, allowing to roadmap every stage of the Agribusiness value chain

No matter your background, country, race, age, we need experienced talent looking for excellence, FGH International Agribusiness Consulting, Latin America`s leading Agribusiness Consulting firm has a place for you. For more information log at

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