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Creating meaningful work and driving business success

Improving your company’s sustainable development and performance sufficiently to vault you past your competitors requires big strategic moves. And every big move starts with a first step, but by all means, always has to be taken into consideration the Human Resources.

TV Host Gema Acosta, Alejandra Gomez and Javier Carrera

This topic was today's main feature at Mexican Morning TV show hosted by Gema Acosta and featuring Alejandra Gomez and Javier Carrera, our FGH International Agribusiness Senior Consultants. The concept of sustainable development has received growing recognition, but it is a new idea for many business executives. For most, the concept remains abstract and theoretical.

Protecting an organization’s capital base is a well-accepted business principle. Yet organizations do not generally recognize the possibility of extending this notion to the world’s natural and human resources. If sustainable development is to achieve its potential, it must be integrated into the planning and measurement systems of business enterprises. And for that to happen, the concept must be articulated in terms that are familiar to business leaders. For the business enterprise, sustainable development means adopting business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future.

For us and people like Alejandra and Javier, it is only by truly understanding our clients that we can help them find success. This is why we don’t work remotely, we move in with them. We go where they need us to be and we stay for as long as they need us to stay. We get to know their people, we study the environment, we understand their culture, and we share their dreams. This is what has happened with every project; we have had the opportunity to work and live with, we worked together to implement efficient practices that helped their business grow and serve their community better.

​This is how we transformed companies while preserving valuable traditions. To support companies and producers with responsible practices, FGH International Agribusiness Consulting, offers agricultural consulting and business services solutions that merge sound agronomic principles with economic business objectives. Our value proposition not only lies in agricultural consulting, but also in business service solutions within Latin America. We focus on maximizing our partners ROI, consistent with cost-effective and sustainable agronomic practices. We work in partnership with first class agribusiness solution providers, developed by and for sector commodities stakeholders such as banana, sugar cane, palm oil, horticulture, coffee, cocoa, beef, etc., despite language, country, region.

We provide solutions that enables producers and processors not only to keep track of performance, but also to set realistic, attainable goals and to elaborate improvement plans for each stage of their journey to a more sustainable production. We help them go above and beyond certification/verification levels, creating greater visibility of the progress made over time by (non-)certified/verified producers; allowing to roadmap every stage of their agribusiness value chain, To find out more about our solutions or to share learnings to support suppliers on their journey to excellence, please feel free to contact us, FGH’s International Agribusiness, Latin America's leading agribusiness consulting firm.

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