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Historic avocado harvest two weeks away from the Super Bowl

The second week of shipments of avocados for the Super Bowl LIII has just ended. Exporters are sending more than 1,300 trucks per week to the US market for this event, i.e. one truck every 6 minutes.

During week two, we broke harvest and export records. According to the Integrated Avocado Harvest System (SICOA), we harvested a historical 38,296 tons and exported 32,609 tons. This has been the largest shipment of avocado to the US during the Super Bowl season so far.

This week, one of the four most relevant before the Super Bowl, exporters expect to send approximately 216 daily shipments.

To date, the lack of gasoline has only had relative effects on the local operation, such as some transfers of harvesters, officials of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), or workers from the Local Plant Health Boards (JLSV), specifically from Tancitaro, who are in charge of sending the harvest; a situation that continues to worry producers and packers before the possibility of a general lack of fuel that could reach the 35 municipalities of Michoacan's avocado belt.

In the coming days the APEAM will be presenting a teaser and versions of the fifth consecutive ad we'll broadcast during the Super Bowl, as well as the digital campaign designed for the before, during, and after the Super Bowl.

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