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Sustainable agriculture in the Llanos Orientales of Colombia launched

FGH Senior Consultant Carlos Ortega, at the colombian Llanos Orientales Region, helps apply sustainable agriculture and climate solutions that small farmers will understand — business value, and innovation. agribusiness , as we know, hold a lot of power, making Ortega’s job and his interest in climate particularly important. By helping small farmers, he observes, "we push the rest of the system to go faster."

Carlos is an expert in small farmers agribusiness design, and this allows him to use the 'language of business' to make the case for climate action, highlighting the ways climate considerations (even if complicated) can improve business operations every step of the way. When agribusinesses take on climate action, they undoubtedly benefit in many ways: they bring in more investments, attract and keep talent and secure their operations for the-long term from climate-related risks. When it comes to the future, Carlos is an optimist. But he recognizes that a better world won't come about passively. It comes about through inspiring people to see the possibilities by showing them the tangible paths to get there.

At FGH International Agribusiness, we are a Latin American consulting firm committed to helping to solve challenges in the agro and biotech sectors dedicated to helping our clients meet the ever-increasing demands of the consumer. To find out how we can help your business build a brighter, sustainable future, visit FGH Agro today.


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